About Margot Florae

I created Margot Florae after years of working as a Registrar of Marriages and running my own event styling business.  Floristry and gardening have always been my passion, and it has always been my dream to spend my time creating beautiful designs for your event. 

And just in case you wondered, Margot Florae was inspired by both my Grandmothers' names and my middle name - Margaret, Margot and Margarethe, and my favourite tv character Margot Leadbetter.  

But you can call me Claire xx

The Small Details

You know the saying.....God is in the detail?

Well I believe it is.  By getting to know you, I'll be able to create something that is personal to you, and include the small details that have a special meaning to you .... the same flowers your grandmother had in her bouquet, some foliage from your home country, flowers that have been grown in my garden, especially for your wedding.